Friday, 11 July 2008

Lanciers de Berg (Berg Chevaux-Legers)

The Régiment de Chevau-Légers du Grand-Duc de Berg (or Kleves-Berg) was raised in 1807 and when Murat became King of Naples on 1 August 1808, and relinquised his title of Grand Duc de Berg, Napoleon took one squadron (the former Garde du Corps de Berg) into his Imperial Guard.
After several reshufling and changes of denomination (including the reception of lances in 1809), in 1812 there were two Regiments, the 1st in Spain and the 2nd with the Grande Armee in Russia, known as Régiments de Chevau-Légers de Berg.
In 1813, the survivors of the Russian were combined with the returned squadrons from Spain to form the Brigade des Lanciers de Berg, brigaded with the Dutch lancers of the Imperial Guard commanded by Général Colbert and fighting along the Light Guard Cavalry in the Campaign of 1813.
The Chevau-Légers de Berg undergo several changes of dressing during the Napoleonic era. In 1813 they wore a Polish-type lancier uniform in dark green with pink (instead the official crimson) facings in lapels, collar, cuffs and lining of trousers. The lance pennons were pink-over-white and the only difference between the two Regiments was the upper part of the czapska: pink for the 1st and green for the 2nd.
The lanciers de berg fought in the battle of Reichenbach so they will be the next addition to my collection. The best alternative are are the ITALERI 6039 'Dutch-Polish Lancers', first released as ESCI 218 'Polish Lancers French Cavalry'. It's a very easy conversion, including the elimination of the aiguillettes and the building of a hungarian-type white sheep-skin shabraque trimmed in pink.

Until the actual painting, you can se two plates taken from the Histofig site.

The narrative above is from the german Military Miniatures Magazine site.

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  1. A good converting tip ! I take Fr. hussars & a polish guard lancers regiment and i switch horses ! So now i have Lancers de Berg & Gardes d'Honneurs (young gardes)