Sunday, 13 July 2008

A new tabletop map for Reichenbach

After reading the book: "Bautzen, la pursuite jusqu'a l'armistice 22 mai-4 juin 1813", of Liet. Col. Foucart, published by Berger-Levrault, Paris, 1901 and available through Google books, iI have modified the tabletop map (see the attached figure) and the arrival times for the French and Russian forces of the battle of Reichenbach.
The arrival times are now:
VII is on the table, Saxons (Sx) at right and French (32) at left.
GC is on the table and deployed
Napoleon arrives 10.00 h at C1
I Cavalry Corps enters 12.00 h at C1

II is on the table, Schachafskoy (3/II) at right and Pischnitzky (4/II) at left and the cavalry at south
5th division enters 9.30 h at C5
R enters 10.30 h at C5
2C enters 11.30 h at C5

This is a rearguard Scenario, so the Russian objective is to delay the advance of the French allowing his army the crossing of the Neisse River at Gorlitz, 7 km from Markersdorf by the C5 road. At that month and latitude the sunset is 21.00 h, so the French have until 18.30 h to.
The point values of the contending forces are: French 796 vs. Russians 691. The multiplier for the weaker side (Russian) is 1.38 in both NB1 and NB2 (372 and 149 victory points respectively). The key points and the percentage of victory points allotted are Reichenbach (20%), Mengelsdorf (10%), Marksdorf (40%), A4-C4 (20%) and B5 (10%) heights. Each Russian unit (infantry, cavalry or artillery) exiting the table in good shape is worth an additional 2.5% (there are 42 units in the Russian rearguard).
See the new pdf file at the main web-site:
Reichenbach (1813).


  1. Rafa,

    I think you have come up with a challenging situation for the Russians as they will be sore pressed to not give up too many objectives too soon and still manage to escape with enough units to overcome the loss of any important ground.

  2. Murdock
    Efectively, is a chellenge for Wurttemberg and I suppose he will be defeated, but I am testing a new way to use victory points with NB, so maybe his situaion was not so lost!

  3. Well, do not consider one playtest enough to really satisfy the points controversy.

    I have played in an Austerlitz re-fight where the allied commanders got to set their own values for locations and likewise for the French! It was a very different contest which amazingly worked out very close to the historical account...with a few different twists, of course.

  4. I am very curious about this battle. At least, the Russian will have a glorious final isn'it?...