Monday, 7 July 2008

The OOB's for Reichenbach

By using the books of George Nafziger and Digby Smith (See the previous post on Reichenbach) I have built the Order of Battle for the French and Russian Armies in Reichenbach. Summarising
French Army (Napoleon)
- VII Corps (Reynier)
32nd (French) Division
Saxon Royal Corps
- I Cavalry Corps (Latour-Mauburg)
1st Light Cavalry Division
3rd Light Cavalry Division
1st Cuirassier Division
- Guard Light Cavalry (Lefebre-Desnoettes)
Total: 11,000 Infantry , 5,400 Cavalry and 11 Batteries
Russian Army (Wurttemberg)
- 2nd Infantry Corps (Wurtemberg)
3rd Division
4th Division
Corps Cavalry
- Reinforcements
5th Division
2nd Cuirassier Division
Trubezkoi Cavalry (Corps?)
Total: 12,300 Infantry ; 7,180 Cavalry and 12 Batteries

The Russian numbers are slightly greater than the French and their quality superior. However, the Russian Reinforcements will be not present at the start of the battle and Napoleon is commanding the French, so the final result is in doubt.

See a near contamporary map taken from the 3rd Military Survey of Austria-Hungary


  1. Rafa,
    That map is a great resource - thanks for sharing it (again).

    Having won at the tennis which side will you be favouring in your re-fight - French or Russian? In my experience it is impossible to fight solo without favouring one side!

  2. My battles are so long (several week-ends) that I can change sides several times!
    However, I must to accept that I am generally pro-French and to avoid this bias, I use the dice to make non-obvious tactical choosings.

  3. looks like a 'saw-off' with the Russians having a slight edge in all categories.

    Were these 1806 troops I would say that the Russians are already beat.

    With 1813 ones...well all I can say is that it is a good thing that the Allies adopted the Schwarzenberg plan, so in this battle it would be best if Wurttemberg were to retire in the face of the Emperor...otherwise they might be too tempted to press to attack while the campaign calls for either hold or withdraw.

    Hopefully, Rafa, you will include the need to 'hold' the French back as an important part of the victory conditions for Wurttemberg?

  4. Murdock
    You are right. The 1813 French were inferior but Napoleon is commanding so the stakes are high.
    I am devising now the victory conditions. I'll use a count of losses and the units safely led 'out' of the table by the Russians.

  5. It is very good to see someone delving into this last real battle before the armistice. Now, how about a clear map for conversion to table top, and a troop list with unit strengths.

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