Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Old Guard at Reichenbach

A very interesting action did take place during the on-going re-fight of Reichenbach:
An intrepid Russian Dragoon Regiment charged the Old Guard Volante horse artillery, defended only by an understrength, and battle weary, Old Guard Chevaux-Leger Lancier Brigade.
Fortunately for the French, a Brigade of Old Guard Gendarmes was alert, and charged the imprudent Russians in their flank, fully routing them!
I am still fighting the battle in my spare time. The launching of ALKAID magazine (see
previous post) and the development of the ALKAID internet portal is consuming almost all my holidays time!


  1. Rafa,

    Great to get an update on the battle and glad to see the French holding their own. I look forward to the next instalment.


  2. Yeahhh the French are advancing slowly because Napoleon is not having a good day (he failed too many command tests!).
    The Russian started their slow retreat so the stakes are high