Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Reichenbach c'est finie

The battle of Reichenbach is over!
After a fierce rearguard action, the pursuing French - led by Napoleon himself - have been stopped by the Russian Wurttemberg's rearguard. The Russians did inflict more casualties on the French and have mauled the Old Guard Light Cavalry including the famous Chasseurs à Cheval (Mamelouks included!) and the Red Lanciers.
The Lanciers de Berg, attached to the Old Guard (see the attached image) were at last routed by Russian Dragoons and only the vigilant Old Guard Gendarmes saved again (
see previous post) the situation ).


  1. Rafa,

    Glad to hear that the battle has reached a conclusion, although as a 'French' commander at heart I am not so pleased with the outcome!
    What's next?


  2. I am also a French in my heart (at least in Central Europe!) but Reynier used the weak Saxon infantry as vanguard troops, and the French infantry in a diversionary attack, so the Saxons were rejected by the Russians.
    I don't know which would be the next battle. The academic jobs are waiting me!

  3. The Grande Armee was wearing out at this time and the performance that you had in your re-fight is probably a fair indication of the historical nature of the troops.

    I continue to await your next project, and invite your potential participation (in some way, shape or form) in my planned 2009 bi-centennial of the "War of the 5th Coalition"?

  4. Hey Murdock you can count with my assistance in your Project....

  5. Excellent Rafa!

    Could you send me an email via the blogger address I have:

    so that I can then co-ordinate better via email with you?

    Your blogger listing does not have an email address (understandable in this era of mega spam).