Thursday, 11 September 2008

OOB for Göhrde

By using the books of George Nafziger and Digby Smith I have built the Orders of Battle for the battle of Göhrde as shown in the following summary:

French Army
50th Division (Pecheux )
6 battalions
1 squadron
1 foot battery
Total: 4,000 men (80 cavalry) and 8 guns

Allied Army (Wallmoden)
1st Division (Arentschild)
6 line battalions Russo-German Legion
1st Regiment of Russo-German Hussars
1 foot and 1 horse batteries
2nd Division (Tetterborn)
2 Jager Battalions
Lutzow's FreiKorps (2 battalions)
Lutzow's Hussars (1 regiment)
3 Cossack regiments
1 foot battery
3rd Division (Lyon)
Hannoverian infantry (5 battalions)
73rd Highlands (1 battalion)
KGL infantry detachment
1 foot battery
4th Division (Dornberg)
3rd KGL Hussars
Hannoverian Hussars (1 regiment)
3 horse batteries
1/2 RH rockets
Total: 9,600 Infantry, 2,700 cavalry, 50 guns

See the attack of the Hannoverian Bennigsen Battalion on the French (Röchling)


  1. Hello,

    Very interesting blog. Thank you for sharing.

    The Osprey book by Peter Hofschroer, Prussian Reserve, Militia & Irregular Troops: 1806-15 contains a slightly different Order of Battle than yours. It gives the French as 4 battalions of the 3rd Ligne, one battalion of the 105th Ligne, a horse battery, and just a company of the 28th Chasseurs a Cheval.

    The book has a good section on the battle.

    Ed or

  2. Ed
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    I don't have that book (it's the only Peter Hofschroer's I don' own!). I have increased one battalion more to give Pecheux amore chances and ditto for the Chaseurs a Cheval

  3. Hi Rafa,

    Just been browsing your last battle pics, inspiring as always. I remain a big fan of your blog and website.


  4. Lee
    Thanks again for your kind support!