Sunday, 14 September 2008

The unbalanced Göhrde

Göhrde was an unbalanced affaire. The French faced odds of 1:3.5 but, suprisingly, the tiny Pécheux's force was not completely crushed. According to Nafziger (Napoleon at Leipzig, The Emperor Press, 1996, p. 48) :

" ... The problem was not so much of Wallmoden's plan, but of the ability of any army in this period to coordinate such enveloping maneuvers .... 1) the frontal attack by Wallmoden's infantry occurred before the envelopment was completed. 2) the infantry and cavalry attacks did not wait until the superior allied artillery had time to break up the French infantry, though careful use of the terrain by Pécheux may well have contributed to the inability of the allied artillery to do this, and 3) the allied infantry appears to have been very fragile... ".

NB gives very poor statistics for the Hannoverian units so that point is resolved, the question of uncoordination must be covered by the Scenario rules. I am thinking to stablish a basic time-table for the Arrival Turns and Entry Points of the different Allied columns: Left (Arentschildt), Center (Tettenborn), Right (Lyon) and Cavalry (Dornberg). This basic frame will be randomly distorted by changing the actual Turns and Points according to a decimal die.


  1. Hi Rafa - looking forward to see how this turns out - it's an interesting scenario!

  2. I agree with you, but first I must to asjust the victory conditions