Friday, 26 December 2008

The battle of Gohrde is finished!

The battle (or combat) of Göhrde has finished with the total rout of the tiny Pecheux's force. The French 50th division has suffered a 48.5% of losses, very similar to the 50% suffered in the real world.
The losses (1,950 men and 8 guns) included 810 prisoners (the wounded Pecheux amongs them) and two generals dead. However, the French inflicted 1,530 losses on the Wallmoden's Corps, mainly to the Russo-German Legion and the Von Lutzow FreiKorps.

As a curiosity, the Bennigsen Battalion did not take part in the battle (they arrived late) and the British Rocket Corps were only able to launch a rocket round in the last stages of the battle.
The narrative and the full history is in the main web site
Wargaming with Napoleonic Miniatures

See two pictures of the actual memorial of the battle at Goehrde and from the spot where Eleonore Prochaska fell dead, by courtesy of Thomas Mischak, the men behind the shop KF 1/72 FIGUREN & ZUBEHÖR


  1. I would say that, at least from the first playtest, your simulation came close to the historical encounter.

  2. Rafa - It sounds like the French put up a decent fight but a shame that the British rocket troop arrived late after you made such a great model!