Thursday, 22 January 2009

Map and special rule for Peterdohna

The above map is the first version for the battle of Peterdohna. Following the classification of Napoleon's Battles, is an 'encounter battle' with both sides occupying initially similar terrain objectives, and having both the same goal, to break through the enemy.
The Allied commanders (Barclay de Tolly, Wittgenstein and Kleist) supposed that Saint-Cyr, defending the approachs to Dresden, was isolated and attacked him. The French marshall did know that Napoleon was running to his help, and also attacked the Allied.
However, this battle 'occurs' during the Campaign of Leipzig, so the
Trachenberg Plan marking the Allied strategy, will be of application: direct confrontation with Napoleon himself would be avoided, whereas isolated French marshalls and generals would be attacked.
In order to simulate the effect of the Trachenberg Plan, the following special rule will be used to see the time that Allied staff takes in realizing the Napoleon's arrival:
Every turn after the arrival of Napoleon, Barclay de Tolly, if present in the battlefield, will throw 1D10. In order to pass the test, the first turn a ‘1’ must be thrown; the second turn '2' or less ; third time '3' or less.... When succesful, Barclay de Tolly must to order immediately a general retreat, leaving only a rearguard.

See the Scenario and the map at the main web-site Peterdohna (september 26, 1813)


  1. Rafa - perhaps if a 6 is thrown Napoleon comes onto the field in disguise and the Russians can stay and fight it out!


  2. Nice map :-)
    I could see this scenario being adapted for other periods, such as the Seven Years War period by changing Napoleon to Frederick the Great (or for those of us doing imaginary countries, some general of our own devising), for example.

  3. Ian
    A good rule... I hope the Allied do not leave the battlefield too early!

  4. Fitz
    Efectively... it's a generic 'encounter' scenario...