Saturday, 24 January 2009

Napoleon's Battles 3rd Edition

From Lost Battalion GamesThe new Napoleon's Battles 3rd edition (NB-III) has arrived at home. My copy is numbered #22, and it is signed by Coggins and Craig (the designers of the original NB). NB-III is edited by Lost Battalion Games (LBG), in whose web-site you could find more information Napoleon's Battles.
NB-III comes in a large, black, game box and contains:

- Full color rules and reference books.
- 15 player aid cards: 2 Game Cards, 2 Sequence of Play cards, 2 Artillery Fire Templates, 2 Spread Artillery Fire Templates, 2 Terrain Markers, 1 Artillery Spread Formation Spread Templates, 1 Brigade Skirmish Spread Template, 2 Manoeuver Template and a time record chart card.
- Information cards for Austria, Bavaria and Saxony, Britain, Confederation, France, Iberian states, Italian states, Low Countries, Poalnd and Wurttemberg, Ottoman Empire, Prussia, Russia, Scandinavian states, Westphalian states.
- 12 full color scenarios cards covering the battles of: Valmy 1792, Novi 1799, Marengo 1800, Auerstadt 1806, Raab 1809, Talavera 1809, Albuera 1811, Gorodetschna 1812, Lutzen 1813, Craonne 1814, Quatre Bras 1815 and Waterloo 1815
- 160 8mm cubed wooden Markers: Half Move, No Move, React, Rout, Disorder, Free Rolls, Limbered and No Supplies. 26 wooden discs for Mystery Deployment, Initiative and Turn Record and two ten-Sided dice.
- One CD containing a database for generals and pdf files for the Scenarios and labels.

Besides the new formating of the material (including a welcome increasing of the font size!) making it more easily to manage , the inclusion of the CD and wooden markers, and some minor artistic licenses (the bases show 9 10mm figures in 3 files of 3 ranks), NB-III IS ESSENTIALLY THE SAME THING THAN NB-II. Therefore it will be somewhat disappointing for those gamers expecting new and radical variations, and a must for old freaks of NB like me!


  1. Hi Rafa – please forgive my ignorance but is "Napoleon’s Battles" a board game system that you have converted for use with miniatures or is it meant as a miniatures system? I’m interested to know a little bit more about how your rules work solo – perhaps you could explain some of this when you post about your next battle?


  2. Ian
    NB is a miniature based ruleset, and it works great solo. You can see more information at my main web site
    I'll clrify the points in the AAR of the battle

  3. Hola, Rafa...

    Muchas gracias por venir hasta mi humilde rincón.

    Tu blog y el bello arte que desarrollas me recuerda de mi padre, quien también coleccionaba miniatutas y cuadros alusivos a las guerras de independencia.

    Cordial saludo.

  4. Rafael
    Una sorpresa verte por estos lares. Gracias por tu visita