Saturday, 3 October 2009

French infantry in greatcoat (a size comparison)

The Newline figures are true 20 mm, i.e. they measure 20 mm from the soil to the eye's height (Edited: really around 18-19mm after measuring with a rule tape!) . Therefore, they are somewhat smaller than typical 1/72 plastic figures, and they will look like dwarves when standing at the side of figures such the the last Italeri products.
The solution lies on (1) Don't mix the Newline figures with the other figures and (2)Add a 2 mm carboard 'sabot' under the base.
You can see the comparison of Newline figures vs. several
HäT figures (HäT 8042 Bavarian Line Infantry, HäT 8095 1808-1812 French Line Infantry and HäT 8042 Napoleonic French Light Infantry) as well as vs. AIRFIX Waterloo Line Infantry (home-made metal clones)

Newline vs. Hat
Newline vs. AirfixHowever, the problem is not visible in the wargaming table when seeing from above!
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  1. Hi Rafa - interesting to see how much height variation there is among 20mm figures. I'm quite surprised that the plastic figures are so much taller than Newline.


  2. Striker
    There are many size differences amonsgt 1/72, 1/76 and 20mm scales.
    See you for example this TMP thread: