Sunday, 4 October 2009

More size comparisons

Now is the turn of British Newline as compared vs. HäT 8096 Netherlands Militia (disguised as British Line infantry). The command bases are composed from Newline British figures: officer, two ensigns and drummer, and a 2 mm 'sabot' has been added under the base.

The pictures were taken during a
re-fight of Salamanca (1812). The British in column are from the Packenham's 3rd Division, whereas line are assaulting (succesfully in this occasion) the Great Arapil

You can see the different in size, but I can assure you that it was negligible during the game!


  1. The Kennington figures (for example) are taller-but look "thicker" than the plastic ranges, however I agree-in the heat of the battle such things go unnoticed. (The best match, size and thickness wise is actualy Art Miniaturen I think).



  2. Matt
    I agree with you: Art Miniaturen are actually the best match for plastic figures) but they are more expensive than Newline!