Friday, 23 October 2009

HäT announces 1813 Prussian Landwehr

Ms. Jones has announced the first HäT proofs for the new 1813 Prussian Landwher sets, applicable to 1/72, 1/32 and 28 mm scales.
See all the pictures at
HäT site, and enjoy a sample:

Prussian landwehrIt seems like HäT was at last coping with the deadlines of their projects!
I hope these figures could arrive in time for the bicentennial of Leipzig campaign!

See an old and very similar previous version of this HäT new set, the Prussian Reserve Infantry, in my web site


  1. This release will give you plenty of time to prepare for you grand re-fight in 2013!


  2. Hi
    I am not sure of that.... HaT always has several projects in the pipeline and some never see the light!

  3. I have to say that I sometimes find Hat's release choices rather strange. In this instance, we've got another set of landwehr. It's just a pity that there are no decent available sets of 1813 Prussian line infantry. Personally I would have thought that would sell better? (whilst I'm on a moan, it's about time we got a good 1805+ Austrian infantry set in 1/72 too...)

  4. I agree with you.... There are several sets of 1/72 Prussian Landwher/Reserve Infantry in the market (the HaT's own sets) and none of Spanish or Portuguese infantry....