Thursday, 29 October 2009

British rockets à l'Armand d'Arc

Our Argentinian friend Armand d'Arc has kindly sent to me some pictures taken during his last action, the battle of Ganta, fought during the past months (austral winter).

Amongst the exotic military units designed by Armand for his fictional African campaign, I post today his Rocket Corps, composed from home-made rocket launchers and caissons.

Note that all artillery firing in the Armand's battles is almost 'real'. The ammunitions, pellets from hunting cartridges for cannons and pins with a plastic head for rockets, are launched by hand. All the knock down figures become casualties, of course!


  1. An impressive sight! What does he use to launch the pellets and rockets with?


  2. Shades of HG Wells, huh? :)
    Excellent work on the homemade stuff!

  3. Ian
    The 'ammunition' is launched by hand. Armand selects the target area, taking in account the line of view of the artillerymen and the type of ammunition, cannon, howitzer or rocket, and then he launches the corresponding projectil!

  4. Fitz
    Efectively, this way of wargeming always remember to me the old picture of Wells and friends playing with their soldats and their toy cannons