Friday, 6 November 2009

Week of Science 2009

You can see above, one of the reasons behind my temporary break from painting and/or wargaming activities.
The Week of Science will be celebrated in Valladolid from 12th to 19th of November. During seven days, different cultural activities will take place with a main goal: the promotion of the scientific culture and the diffusion of the scientific and research activities.
ALKAID EDICIONES, will be present in this coordinated effort. I must give a lecture about "Web 2,0 and scientific divulgation". In the same act, Mariano Esteban, a close collaborator in ALKAID, will talk about 'Making skies' and Pilar Iglesias (the C-i-C and the brain behind ALKAID) will present the rest of the divulgative activities of ALKAID.

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