Sunday, 1 November 2009

The great cavalry charge of Armand d'Arc

I am now in the middle of a sort of painting and wargaming lull. Too many academic (at the University) and editorial (at ALKAID) tasks, are scheduled for the weeks to come. However, I can make my regular reading and net surfing, so I am not fully disconnected from the wargaming world. Now is the time to enjoy the work of the friends.
Again I am posting in behalf of Armand d'Arc some pictures of the battle of Ganta. This time is the turn of a great cavalry charge. You can see French Imperial Guard cavalry attacking a Prussian battery: Chasseurs à Cheval at right flank, Grenadiers à Cheval in the center and Dragons de l'Imperatrice at left flank. The cavalry is attacking the front of a battery, and the Prussian balls and shells are falling amongst the heroic riders.

Now two views, the first is from the Prussian side and we can see the front of the attack, whereas the following shows the rear of the French, from the perspective of their supporting Artillery.

Now a view of the sencond wave of French cavalry, composed from Lanciers Rouges de la Garde, Line Chasseurs and Hussars. A third wave of heavy cavalry, Line Cuirassiers, is also preparing to support the attack.

At last, the Prusian cavalry is counter-charging the French.

The battle is raging and the outcome is uncertain. Wait and see!


  1. That certainly is a heck of a lot of cavalry although I can't help thinking that just one pellet might bring the whole lot down!


  2. Hi
    The Armand's system is very laborious because he uses individually based figures. However, he plays alone and has a dedicated room, so he can left the figures without problems (excluding the cat of course!)

  3. Rafael - I LOVE big cavalry battles! Have you ever tried to do Liebertwolkwitz, just before Leipzig? 38,000 French and half again more than that number for the Allies under Wittgenstein. Now that would be a project! Enjoy your site too!


  4. Hi Doc
    Yes, I played Lieberwolkwitz in the past, but the cavalry action was somewhat dissapointing... the dice were not propitious!
    However it was a great battle!