Saturday, 19 December 2009

Hagelberg for Lasalle is on way

I did finished the deployment of Hagelberg for my first Lasalle game.

French left flank Prussian flanking forcePrussian right flanking force waiting in the woods. Some Spanish infantrymen (lost in transit?) have been recruited in the Prussian Landwehr.

French center-rightFrench center and right flank escorting the baggage train with one battery deployed on the Windmühlberg.

Prussian main forcePrussian main force trying to deploy. The Croats are defending the farm and the stream crossing

LabelsA near view of the unit and commander labels. I hope to start the actual play in the next days!


  1. Hi Rafa - It's looking good! I will be interested to see how it plays out.


    PS I love the windmill...

  2. Looking very good indeed, look forward to the action report.


  3. Excellent setup! Looking forward to the battle report. :)

  4. Hi Rafa

    Love your windmill - its a beauty - see if those Prussians have a tilt at it a la Jemappe eh? (Only battle I can think of that prominently features a windmill!) Those Croats will be distinctly nervous at the sight of the approaching horde of Prussians! Look forward to your battle report using the Lasalle rules.


  5. Maybe I am testing too many new things in my first Lasalle game, but I hope a good battle with all these unpredictable Prussians!