Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Corrections to Hagelberg for Lasalle

Prussian Landwehr at HagelbergAfter a careful look at Nafziger, I have made the following corrections to the first version of Lasalle OOB for Hagelberg (see Hagelberg: a scenario for Lasalle).

French Army
Cavalry Bureaux de Pusy -/-
13th French Hussar (+) Reliable/Experienced/Pursuit

Prussian Army
Reuss -/-
1/3rd Kurmark Landwehr Cavalry Shaky/Amateur (only one base)
Prussian 6pdr Foot Battery Foot/Medium/1 Howitzer (only one howitzer)
Bismarck -/-
2/3/4/ 3rd Kurmark Landwehr Cavalry Shaky/Amateur (only three bases)
Russian Light Battery #26 Foot/4 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

I understand that I am making too many modifications to Lasalle rules, but I am curious about the behaviour of these very small units. I hope to post some pictures of the battlefield before the weekend!

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