Monday, 7 December 2009

Hagelberg. A Scenario for Lasalle

In order to see if Lasalle is the more adequate set to fight small engagements, I am devising a Scenario about the battle of Hagelberg. The battle was fought between the French Girard’s Garrison (or Division) of Magdeburg and the Prussian Hirschfeld corps. Both seides were composed from 2nd-line units, and the final result was a total French defeat. I did fought this Scenario using 'divisional' Napoleon's Battles two years ago (see the entry Battle of Hagelberg and NBd in this blog or Hagelberg (1813) in the main web-site).

The OOB's are:

French Forces: Magdeburg Garrison
: GD Baron Girard

Brigade Sennegon -/-
3/24th Légêre Reliable/Amateur/SK2
3/26th Légère Reliable/Amateur/SK2
3/18th Légère Reliable/Amateur/SK2
3/19th Légère Reliable/Amateur/SK2
1/9th Westphalian Line Shaky/Amateur/SK1
2/1st Croatian Shaky/Amateur/SK2

Brigade Baville -/-
3/134th Line Reliable/Amateur/SK1
6/134th Line Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/56th Line Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/72th Line Reliable/Amateur/SK1
1/Saxon Ducal House Shaky/Amateur/SK1
2/Saxon Ducal House Shaky/Amateur/SK1

Cavalry Bureaux de Pusy -/-
13th French Hussar Reliable/Experienced/Pursuit
1 Mixed Regiment de marche Reliable/ Experienced /Pursuit

1/9th Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
16/9th Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

Prussian Forces
Commander: Generalmajor von Hirschfield

Advance Guard Langeron -/-
1/1st Reserve Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/1st Reserve Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/1st Reserve Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK2

Right Wing Brigade Puttlitz -/-
4/1st Reserve Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
1/6th Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
2/6th Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
3/6th Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
4/6th Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
2/7th Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1

Left Wing Brigade Boguslavsky -/-
2/3rd Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
2/4th Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
3/4th Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1

Reserve Brigade Marwitz -/-
1/3rd Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
3/3rd Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
4/3rd Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1

Detachment Reuss -/-
1/4th Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
1/7th Kurmark Landwher Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
1 Elbe Infantry regiment Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
1/3rd Kurmark Landwehr Cavalry Shaky/Amateur
Prussian 6pdr Foot Battery Foot/2 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

Cavalry Bismarck -/-
2/3/4/3rd Kurmark Landwehr Cavalry Shaky/Amateur
5th Kurmark Landwehr Cavalry Shaky/Amateur
6th Kurmark Landwehr Cavalry Shaky/Amateur
Russian Light Battery #26 Foot/5 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

Cossacks Czenichev -/- (Reinforcements)
Sisava (+) Shaky/Irregular/Pursuit
Vlassov (+) Shaky/Irregular/Pursuit

French and Prussian are small (four-base) units. Cossack sotnia are large (six-base) units (marked with a plus sign).


  1. Hi Rafa,

    I can not tell from your OB if you fit it into the Army Builder or if you used an historical OB?

    Look forward to seeing the AR.


  2. Hi John
    Is a historical scenario. I have not used the Army Builder. I am now considering that maybe it is too complex for a first try of the rules, so maybe I'll use only part of the forces.

  3. It seems from my reading that a lot of stress is placed on the balance of forces in the rules. I think this is why I stayed away from a historical scenario initially.


  4. Yes, the Army Builder forces lead to balanced scenarios for competition. Hagelber is a 'historical' scenario. Theoretically it is biased against Prussians but actually they won!