Thursday, 8 November 2007

The battle of Hagelberg and NBd

The battle of Hagelberg was finished the last week-end resulting in a marginal French victory. The number of losses was similar for both sides but the French maintained open their retreat line. The addition of the stream and farm to the battle map, marked the main difference with the actual battle of Hagelberg, disrupting Prussian attacks. Moreover, the Prussian coordination failed and the different attacks were not issued simultaneously. At last, the French offensive was stopped, but the Magdeburg garrison was not so mauled like in the actual Campaign of Leipzig.

I'll upload the pictures and narrative to the main site in the next days. Until then, see three schemes showing the initial Prussian and French battle plans as well as the final situation

Divisional Napoleon's Battles performance
NBd behaved well but I detected another quirk during play: the need to include flank and rear attacks which are not considered in NB because of the scale: the brigade commanders simply will change the front of one of the battalions of the brigade to fight the flanking or rear enemy brigade. However, in NBd the units are battalions so the above consideration no longer apply. To take into account that occurrence, in NBd an unit attacked in flank or/and rear will receive an additional '-3' modifier for combat.

Summarising up, I'll use NBd to fight minor engagements

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