Thursday, 25 March 2010

Hagelberg Lasalle update (II)

The battle of Hagelberg is near the end. The French are fighting back the outnumbering Prussians and it seems that Girard, the French commander, will finally achieve his goal: to disengage his Magdeburg division from the von Hirschfield's Prussians saving the baggage and artillery train.
The Prussian right flank, the Reuss detachment, has been fully routed losing 3 infantry batallions and a cavalry detachment, broken by the Baville's Brigade

Left-center situation The Prussians are also losing the cavalry battle in the opposite flank. The French Hussars and Chasseurs are having an upper hand over the Prussian Landwehr Cavalry, altough none unit has been broken... still.
Cavalry combatHowever, the Prussian numbers could finally decide the issue, because the Prussian Putliz Brigade (6 infantry batallions) is trying to break the French center, dangerously approaching their 'Moral break' value, so watch this space!


  1. Hi Rafa - so what do you think of the rule set overall?


  2. I am curious as well Rafa,


  3. Well, IMHO 'Fast and furious' would be a good description!
    The ruleset is focused around combat, allowing nearly all 'napoleonic' tactical subtleties.
    It was designed for conventions, club games and so, with fixed Army Lists, but I did play it 'solo' with good results.
    You can find more comments in the Honour's Forum page:

  4. Another enjoyable battle report Rafa, certainly seems to have a realistic 'feel' to it.


  5. Interesting report, great pics, as always! Sounds like fun (and like it could go eiather way at this point).

  6. Hi
    The French are very near their break point (only one unit more). The Prussians are trying to force them to close combat, but the French are retiring fast, avoiding combat.