Saturday, 27 March 2010

Hagelberg is finished!

The Battle of Hagelberg, my first Lasalle game, has finished like in the real life, with the rout of the Girard's garrison of Magdeburg.

French left flank retiring from the battlefieldThe Prussian Landwehr force commanded by Generalmajor von Hirschfield, has achieved a resounding victory, breaking 6 French batallions. The Sennegon's Brigade has been destroyed with only one batallion left (3/24th Legere). However, Girard has been able to extricate the Baville's brigade (only losoing one batallion) and all the artillery and baggage train. The French cavalry has fought a contested confrontation with the Landwehr cavalry, achieving a pyrric victory: now they are encircled by the enemy and their only escape way is through the town of Hagelberg, before that Prussian infantry finishes the occupation.
The Prussian losses have been lighter: 4 infantry batallions and one cavalry detachment.

Pussian are masters of HagelbergTherefore, this Lasalle refight of Hagelberg has finished with a result similar to the actual. The final result of the 'divisional' Napoleon's Battles Hagelberg scenario was a marginal French victory, so it seems like Lasalle is best designed for this type of small scenarios than 'divisional' Napoleon's Battles, a modification of a grand tactical game... but the statistical sample is too small, an only battle, to extract a reliable conclusion.

As a general conclusion, Lasalle is a very good tactical rule set. The unusual sequence of game, forces you to think all your movements (mainly the leading to close combat), because the first step of your opponent will be to counteract them.
In my opinion, Lasalle can be used also to fight historical scenarios, in which both sides are not well balanced.
I'll make a more detailed AAR for the main web site in the next days (Easter holidays in Spain!)


  1. The Prussian Landwehr achieving a resounding victory-obviously there must have been a strong contigent of Silesian Landweher!

    Excellent report.


  2. Really Kurmark Landwehr, i.e. Brandenburgers, but they fought well like in the real life