Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hagelberg Lasalle update

I am playing Lasalle Hagelberg in my (scarce!) spare time. The game flows now smoothly once I am used to the unusual 'Sequence of play'. In Lasalle, 'React', 'Fire' and 'Combat' are resolved before 'Movement'.
Hagelberg is a running retreat. The outnumbered French are protecting their baggage and guns whereas trying to stop a Prussian force outflanking their left, to cut the baggage train.

French left flankBy now is turn 14 and the French left (see above picture) is keeping the line by making local counter-attacks so the Prussian outflanking maneuver is failing. In the French center and right (see picture below), some French and Croatian batallions have been sacrified to stop the Prussian forces, that are now converging towards Hagelberg.

French center and right flankThe coloured pins indicate dirsuption levels: green for one, orange for two and red for three.


  1. looks like the game is going smoothly for you, I like the unusual mechanism of play. Cool idea with the coloured pins.


  2. Remember I play solo, so there are no discussions... ;-p
    The unusual mechanism is very good, because the other side starts reacting to your movements

  3. That's interesting. And a great set up, too! Great terrain. Sounds like you're having fun.

  4. Really funny. A tactical set so no great decisions to take... only en avant!

  5. It is good to see solo players are still out there and enjoying their games. En Avant indeed!