Saturday, 13 March 2010

First movements in Lasalle

I have starterd (at last!) my first Lasalle game, a version of Halgelberg scenario.
Prussian right wing is coming out from the woods whereas, the center and right wings are crossing the stream.
Frech are reacting, and the first artillery salvoes have made great carnage in the Prussian line infantry (Very good dice!)

Watch this space, because the Prussian tide is menacing to turn both French flanks!


  1. I will stay tuned, looks like a big game.

  2. Great to see another game under way Rafa :-) Looks good with those bigger units. Can I ask what made you change over to Lasalle? You seemed to have a very good understanding of Napoleons battles and fought many games with them.

    Very enjoyable blog as always.

  3. JAM and Lee: Thanks for your kind comments...

    I have not really changed. Lasalle is designed for small battles with one or two divisions for each side, whereas Napoleon's Battles is for the big ones, with one or two Army Corps for side.

    My goal is to use Lasalle or NB as a function of the size of the forces



  4. Good to see another battle in full swing!

  5. Stryker
    Thanks for your support. I want to finish soon the battle, to draw conclusions about Lasalle performamce.
    I hope you did made your house move without problems