Thursday, 22 April 2010

The issue No. 7 of ALKAID

Issue No. 7The issue No. 7 of ALKAID REVISTA MULTITEMÁTICA is out from 2nd April. The magazine is devoted to the interaction amongst science, literature, poetry, history, so you can always find an article devoted to one of your interests!

The summary of this issue includes articles about the Large Hadron Colllider, the heavy metals and the environment, the history and evolution of the Planetariums, the last wills and testament of Don Quixote, the Year of Biodiversity, The Posets-Maladetas Natural Park at the Spanish Pirineos, the Pisuerga River, mountain hiking at the Pirineos,...

The magazine is in Spanish and is available by subscription. Go to ALKAID EDICIONES web site,, and download the Subscription Form or contact me in this e-mail address:

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