Sunday, 18 April 2010

Zahna. A scenario for Lasalle

The battle of ZahnaThe following is the OOB for the Lasalle refight of Zahna. The only non-official items are (1) the existence of a French divisional commander (Guilleminot) not necesary, but included to follow the line of command and (2) the use of one-half batteries by the Prussians.
Both armies are almost balanced in numbers, but the Prussian quality is unknown, since many of the Landwehr battalions are 'Unpredictable'. Ths statistics of the Subcommanders have been adapted from Napoleon's Battles when available, or diced out according to the ruleset.
The Prussians are defending, whereas the French are attacking from the North side of the table (actually the West). The depicted map is very general, and the actual table could be slightly different because of the fog of war!

French Forces: XII Corps (Army Moral 52; Break point 18)
Commander: Maréchal Oudinot Duke of Reggio

14th Division Guilleminot -/-
1st Brigade Grayer +1/-
2/18th Légêre Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK2
6/18th Légêre Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
1/156th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/156th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/156th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2nd Brigade Brun de Villeret -/*
2/ Illyrian Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/52nd Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
4/52nd Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
1/137th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/137th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/137th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/4th Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
1/8th Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

13th Division Pacthod +1/*
3/67th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
4/67th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/101st Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
4/101st Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
4/4th Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

29th Light Cavalry Division Beaumont +1/*
Westphalian Chevauleger-lancier Regiment Shaky/Amateur/Pursuit/Lance
Hessian Chevauleger Regiment Shaky/Amateur/Pursuit
Bavarian Chevauleger Regiment Reliable/Amateur/Pursuit
3/5th Horse Artillery Horse/2 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

Artillery Reserve
1/4th Reserve Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Heavy/1 Howitzer

29th (Bavarian) Division
Raglovich -1/
2/3rd Regiment Bavarian Line Reliable/Amateur/SK1
1/4th Regiment Bavarian Line Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/8th Regiment Bavarian Line Reliable/Amateur/SK1
1/13th Regiment Bavarian Line Reliable/Amateur/SK1
1st Jaeger Batallion Reliable/Amateur/SK2
1st Bavarian Foot Artillery Foot/2 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

Prussian Forces IV Prussian Army Corps (Army Moral 54,5 Break point 19)
Commander: Generallieutenant Tauentzien

Detachment Beyer -/-
1/3rd Reserve Infantry Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK2
2/3rd Reserve Infantry Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK2
3rd East Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Shaky/Amateur
1/2 Horse Battery #11 (Borchard) Horse/2 cannon/Medium

First line Dobschütz -/-
1/1st Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
2/1st Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
1/5th Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
2/5th Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
3/5th Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
4/5th Kurmärk Landwehr Regiment (Mellersky) Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
1/2 Horse Battery #6 (Jenichen) Horse/1 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
6pdr Foot Battery #17 (Gleim) Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

1/2 6pdr Foot Battery #30 (Hertig) Foot/1 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

Cavalry of the first line Schmitterlöw +1/-
1st Kurmärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Shaky/Amateur
7th Kurmärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Shaky/Amateur
Berlin Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Shaky/Amateur

Second Line Lindenau -/-
1/2nd Silesian Landwehr Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/2nd Silesian Landwehr Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
5/2nd Silesian Landwehr Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/3rd Reserve Infantry Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK2
1/2nd Neumärk Landwehr Regiment Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
2/2nd Neumärk Landwehr Regiment Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
3/2nd Neumärk Landwehr Regiment Unpredictable/Amateur/SK1
1/2 Horse Battery #11 (Borchard) Horse/1 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
1/2 12pdr Foot Battery #5 (Lent) Foot/1 cannon/Heavy/1 Howitzer

6pdr Foot Battery #27 (Mathias) Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

Cavalry of the second line Seydlitz +1/-
Brandenburg Dragoon Regiment Reliable/Experienced/Pursuit
Pommeranian Dragoon Regiment Reliable/Experienced/Pursuit
2nd Neumärk Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Shaky/Amateur
3rd East Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Shaky/Amateur

Wings Illowiaski #3 Don Cossack Regiment (+) Shaky/Irregular/Pursuit

This battle is big for the Lasalle standards, and I am curious about its development.


  1. I admire your attention to detail Rafa. Look forward to following the development of another battle here, always a good read for the Napoleonic student.


  2. How many turns is the Zahna scenario?

  3. Lee
    Many thanks for your praise. Really I have almost more, or at least the same, fun in the research than in the actual play!

    This a historical battle designed for solo play. It will be played until one of the armies would reach its moral breakpoint

  4. Hi,
    could you describe the starting positions of french and prussian forces in this scenario. By your pictures i've guessed that french troops start from the Zahna side of the board while prussians are holding the village. But i'd like to know if prussian first and second line are in it from the beginning of the game or not.

    Anyway i really like your scenarios: a couple of fridays ago at our gaming club we played Sellerhausen and we enjoyed it a lot!


  5. Hi
    You can find the full AAR including starting positions at my main web site