Saturday, 1 May 2010

An announcement: The Parallel March Re-enactement 2010

Starting in the year 2006, the shire of La Guareña (The Guarena for english-speakers) in Zamora (Spain) is carrying out each even year, a re-enactement on the events happened during the campaign of 1812 in the Peninsular War. The main event, from which the celebration is named, is the famous 'Paralel March' of 20th July, leading the armies towards the final battle of Salamanca (Los Arapiles for French and Spanish)
Two armies of over 40,000 men each marched in parallel, with parade ground precision, within a hundred of meters of each other until the outcome of the battle of Salamanca (or Los Arapiles as it is known in French and Spanish sources). This was one of the more memorable days in the Peninsular war, to be remembered for both French and English soldats.
The historical re-enactement is carried out in different villages of the shire, thanks to the iniative and efforts of the Cultural Association 'Pro-Cañizal'. Visitants and re-enacters of different Spanishsh places: Valladolid, Astorga, Madrid, salamnca, Bilbao, Barcelona... participate in the different programmed events.
The goal of the celebration is the recovery of the historical memory of the shire, making the history available to the new generations, as well as to reach a greater understanding between the different European peoples and cultures.
July 23, 2010
20:00 H. - Opening Lecture by Luis Miguel de Dios (Journalist)
21:00 H. - Ceremonial hoisting of flags
21:30 H. - Presentation of the contenders
22:30 H. - Dramatisation of the capture of General Carrie
23:00 H. - March of the Lanterns. The Regiment of La Villa welcomes Wellington
23:30 H. - Lodging of Wellington in the Casa Blasonada
July 24, 2010
09:00 H. - Start of the re-enacters from Cañizal towards the locality of El Olmo de la Guareña
10:00 H. - Arrival to El Olmo de la Guareña. Historical dramatization. Dance of Sticks.
11:00 H. - Start towards the locality of Vallesa. PARALLEL MARCH.
11:45 H. - Arrival to vallesa. Historical dramatization. Dance of sticks
12:45 H. - Start towards Cañizal
13:15 H. - Arrival to Cañizal. Tribute to the fallen in the combats of Cañizal
14:30 H. - Brotherhood Lunch
19:00 H. - Lecture by Arsenio Garcia Fuentes (writer and specialist in Napoleonic subjects).

For more information, contact Luis Torrecilla (

The pictures of the 2008 edition are in
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Edited (may 2, 2010)
All the participants in the events, are not 'professional' reenacters, but men and women of the shire dressed with hired uniforms or home-made clothes. Maybe the historical accuracy was low, but the enthusiasm is high!


  1. Wow - beautiful uniforms on those reenactors. I must say that one officer on the right in the first photo sure has fancy lapels. Dean

  2. Hi Dean
    These men and women are not reenactors, but villagers from the shire that loan the uniforms. Evidently, the historical accuracy is low, but the entusiasm is hgih!

  3. I love it when people can combine history and entrepreneurial skills! Dean