Friday, 7 May 2010

The Zahna outcome?

The battle of Zahna is near the end. The Prussian right flank detachment has been overcome: its two infantry batallions broken and the two accompanying guns in French hands, that now menace to turn the Prussian right.
The Prussian first line has given way: several batallions have been broken and Zalmsdorf is being evacuated under French pressure to avoid the outflanking.

Only the Prussian cavalry, in the left flank is maintaining the ground, favoured by their superior numbers. Generallieutenant Tauentzien is now considring a retreat under the cover of his cavalry, hoping to save his still intact second line.
Watch this space


  1. Looks good! How are you getting on with the new rules? Will you be returning to your regular set?


  2. Ian
    Lasalle and Napoleon's Battles are different in scope: Lasalle is for tactical (units are batallions) and NB is for grand-tactical (units are brigades) cengagements.
    Lasalle is a good ruleset... I'll use it in the future!