Sunday, 23 May 2010

Düben: a scenario for Lasalle

Tabletop map for DubenI am presenting the OOB for the Lasalle refight of Düben. This battle is smaller tha Zahna so the forces are more manageable and similar in size to the used in a standard Lasalle battle.
I have used the 'Liberation' lists for both the French and Russians. The French got the organic Light Cavalry asset and an Allied Saxon brigade as reinforcements. The Russians got a Jäger organic brigade and a Light Cavalry brigade as reinforcements. The Russian OOB has been made more similar to the actual , as the components of the Jager brigade have been divided between the tow main infantry brigades.
Düben is a running combat between an attacking vanguard (French VII Corps) and a defending and retiring rearguard (Russian 10th Corps) trying to evade and escorting a slow baggage train. A unit of twwo baggage trains, moving always by road at reduced Foot Artillery speed (2BW per turn) has been added to the Russian OOB. The wagons must be escorted to safety , leaving the table by the North road end.

Both armies are almost balanced in numbers. Ths statistics of the Subcommanders have been diced out according to the ruleset. The actual table could be slightly different because of the fog of war.

Russian Forces 10th Corps (Langeron’s Army Group) Army Moral 38 Break point 13.
Commander Generallieutenant Kapzevich

8th Division Generalmajor Count Ourousov -/-
Archangle Infantry Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK1
Old Ingermannland Infantry Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK1
Old Ingermannland Infantry Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK1
Schusselburg Infantry Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK1
7th Jager Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK2
37th Jager Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK2

22nd Division Generalmajor Tourchaninov -/-
Viatka Infantry Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK1
Viatka Infantry Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK1
Staroskol Infantry Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK1
Staroskol Infantry Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK1
Olonetz Infantry Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK1
29th Jager Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK2
45th Jager Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK2

Position Battery #18 (12 guns) Foot/4 cannon/Heavy/1 Howitzer
Light Battery #3 (12 guns) Foot/4 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
Light Battery #19 (12 guns) Foot/4 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
Baggage train 2 wagons

Cavalry Generallieutenant Korff -1/-
Kargopol Dragoon Regiment + Reliable/Experienced/Pursuit
Kiev Dragoon Regiment + Reliable/Experienced/Pursuit
1st Ukranian Cossack Regiment Shaky/Irregular/Pursuit
Horse Battery #18 Horse/3 cannon/Medium/2 Howitzer

French Forces: 13th Division (VII Corps) Army Moral 41 Break point 14.
Commander: Général de Division Guilleminot

26th Light Cavalry Brigade: von Lindenau +1/-
Prinz Clemens Uhlan Regiment Valiant/Experienced/Pursuit/Lance
Saxon Hussar Regiment Valiant/Experienced/Pursuit
1st Saxon Horse Battery "Birnbaum" Horse/2 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

Brigade Grayer +1/-
4/1st Légêre Regiment Reliable/Experienced/SK2
1/18th Légêre Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/18th Légêre Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/7th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
1/156th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1

Brigade Lejeune -1/-
2/ Illyrian Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/52nd Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/67th Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/101st Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/101st Ligne Regiment Reliable/Amateur/SK1

1/8th Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
4/4th Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

24th (Saxon) Division: Generalleutnant von Zeschau -1/-
1st (Lecoq) Light Battalion Shaky/ Experienced/SK2
von Spiegel Grenadier Battalion Reliable/Experienced/SK1
von Steindal Infantry Regiment Shaky/Experienced/SK1
Prinz Frederich Infantry Regiment Shaky/Experienced/SK1
2/von Rechten Infantry Regiment Shaky/Experienced/SK1
1/Niesemeuschel Infantry Shaky/Experienced/SK1
1 Saxon 6pdr Foot Battery Foot/2 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer
2nd Saxon Horse Battery "Groshayn" Horse/2 cannon/Medium/1 Howitzer

In a next post I will detail some optional rules I'll use to add spice to the Scenario!


  1. Here we go again, another great game in prospect. I find I am learning much more about the period from following your blog Rafa and would like to try some of your scenarios in the future as my forces develop.


  2. Lee
    Your are very kind!
    Don't hesitate to make any question about the period

  3. Rafa, you are really pushing ahead with Lasalle, I wish I had some central european troops to run some of your great scenarios.


  4. John
    TThere are many solutions for the ingenuous wargamer!
    (1) Use your troops in disguise. Part of my Prussian Landwehr Infantry in Zahna were Spanish troops!
    (2) Lasalle combats are small so you can translate the tactical situation to the Peninsular theater.