Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Some optional (home) rules for Duben

Lasalle is a ruleset designed primarily for club and tournament type games providing a well balanced and short game with few or none optional rules. However, I play solo, so I can add optional rules to make a more fun game. Of course, the added rules must not be unrealistic and the game-engine must not be substantially modified.
Below there is a list of Optional rules I will use in the next Lasalle game. I have given a chance to Cossacks to charge regular enemies (forbidden in the oficial Lasalle), defined a new type of units, the baggage units, and randomised the deployment and entry point of the reinforcements. Last, I have imposed victory conditions based on the number of broken units.

Optional rule for Cossacks (and other irregular cavalry)
1) Irregular cavalry units may charge enemy units standing in 'march column' formation.
2) Irregular cavalry units must to pass a 'Discipline' test to initiate the charge.
3) If routed in 'decisive combat' the irregular cavalry unit is immediately broken.

Optional rule for baggage units
Baggage units are formed for one or more wagon train models. They can move only by road at limbered Foot Artillery speed (reduced or not as indicated in the scenario). They can not fire nor fight. They are plundered or destroyed by any enemy unit in contact for at least one Turn.

Optional rule for Weather
The weather in Saxony in October 1813 was very rainy. To account for, the Roll Weather procedure (p. 87) must be repeated every odd turn, until a ‘Precipitation’ result is rolled, after which it will rain continuously until another ‘Precipitation’ result was rolled.

Optional Russian deploymentDuben is a running combat between a vanguard (French VII Corps) and a retiring rearguard (Russians) trying to evade and escorting a slow baggage train.
I have added a 'Baggage unit' formed by two wagons. These areinitially are on the road with the last wagon touching the north end of the crossroad. They move at reduced Foot Artillery speed (2 BW per turn).
All the combat Russian units (except the Reinforcements) are on the table at Turn 1, but only the 8th Division is deployed. The actual formation of the 22nd Division and the three artillery batteries must be individually determined at the start. The percentages for Deployed /March Column are 30%/70% respectively.
The Russian cavalry was detached by Langeron days before the battle and were at the left bank of the Mulde. Reinforcements may arrive to the battlefield at A1/B1 (70%/30%)

Optional French deployment
Only the 26th Light Cavalry Brigade and the Brigade Grayer are on the table at Turn 1. They must be deployed in the left (west) bank in march column formation.
All VII Corps units were at the left bank of the Mulde. However, in this scenario the Saxon Infantry reinforcements may arrive to the battlefield at D2/D3 (70%/30%). The existence of an un-historical ford is for give similar chances for flank moves to both sides.
The Brigade Lejeune may be also considered as Reinforcement. In that case, the Saxon units can not enter the table until that Brigade will finish its deployment.

Optional objectives
The game will end when the last Russian wagon unit exits the table (around 16 Turns). The side with the lesser number of broken units is the winner.

I hope these options will make more interesting the Düben combat!


  1. Sounds like it should be a fun game.
    You are correct - one of the joys of solo gaming is you can experiment with house rules to your heart's content, without worrying if you're opponent will go along with them.

  2. Eminently sensible adjustments to the rules to get your Cossacks into the fray - always makes scenarios more interesting!

    Ah, the joys of solo gaming!


  3. Hahahaha
    Solo-gaming for ever!