Saturday, 24 July 2010

Connewitz: the new project

Karte_Voelkerschlacht Leipzig 16 October 1813The hot summer did arrived at Valladolid (Central Spain). After some days with extreme temperatures, around 38ºC (100ºF), the saharian weather is giving us a small break. Time to start a new project!
The new battle is based on the combats fought during the first day of the Battle of Leipzig, 16 october 1813, in the area around Connewitz/Lösnitz/Dölitz. These villages were located in a very difficult area, swampy and wooded, on the banks of the Pleisse River and covered the right flank of the French forces located in the southern front of Leipzig.
Schwarzenberg, the Allied C-i-C, ordered the 2nd Armeeabteilung under GdK Merveldt, or Meerfeldt, (10 battalions, 9 squadrons) to take the right bank of the Pleisse to outflank the French forces in Mark-Kleeberg and Wachau.
The area was defended by the Provisional Division Lefol (3.5 battalions) and the 26th division (6 battalions) of the Poniatowski's Polish VII Corps, but the brigade Aymard (4 battalions) of the Augereau's IX Corps and the Curial's 2nd Old Guard Division (4 battalions of non-French Guards) also took part in the fight in a moment or another.
I'll try to adjust these forces to the Lasalle requirements as well as to draw a map (fictitcious or real) to take into account all the characteristics of the fight.

I want to acknowledge again the efforts of my good friend Armand d'Arc. He's always searching for new battles!

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  1. I look forward to seeing your new project develop. Good luck with it!

  2. Hi Rafa - Is this the first action from the main Leipzig battle that your have refought?


  3. Rosbif
    I am searching now for a Lasalle-type OOB
    I have fought Liberwolkwitz, Lindenau, Mockern and now I'll want to play Connewitz