Saturday, 17 July 2010

The issue No. 8 of ALKAID

Issue No. 8The issue No. 8 of ALKAID REVISTA MULTITEMÁTICA is out from July 15. The magazine is devoted to the interaction amongst science, literature, poetry, history, so you can always find an article devoted to one of your interests!
Issue No.8 is loaded with articles related, in a way or another, with our hobby:

- 'The Parallel March' by Luis Torrecilla, about the re-enactement of the combats around Castrejón and Cañizal and the famous parallel marching (21th July, 1812) of Marmont and Wellington towards their rendez-vous at Salamanca.
- "The Clausewitz's dream" by Francisco. J Segovia, about the ficticious reveries of the famous military theorist in the eve of the batle of Waterloo.
- "The Museum of Miniatures of the Citadel of Jaca" by Diego Fernández. The description of the Museum of the Jaca's citadel, housing an impressive collection with more than 35,000 lead figures at 1/72 scale, depicting in several diorams the evolution of the war along the centuries.
Moreover there are articles about Geographical Information Systems, The Bhopal tragedy, trekking at Pyrenees,Turkish architecture, etc.

The magazine is in Spanish and is available by subscription. Go to ALKAID EDICIONES web site,, and download the Subscription Form or contact me in this e-mail address:

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