Saturday, 28 August 2010

Back again!

Before to leave for the Pyrenees, I played a pair of moves of Connewitz combat. Summarising the situation: the French engineers have blown out the Connewitz main bridge over the Pleisse

Connewitz bridge is blown out!but the Austrian are crossing in force using the neighboring upstream bridge

The upstream bridge and by the bridge at Oetzsch, whereas a, French captured, Austrian bridge train is approaching the zone.

The bridge train is approachingThe combat does not look well for the French-Polish forces.


  1. That's sneaky blowing the bridge like that. All egineers should be issued with cotton wool!


  2. Whatever you do, don't take your troops out of the built up areas! They are usually more trouble for the enemy to evict than if they voluntarily move out. I have learnt that lesson the hard way too many times!

    P.S. the blown bridge looks cool. Cotton wool and wood all mixed together looks very dynamic (or should I say, dynamite-ic)!

  3. Great pics as usual Rafa.

    Hope you had a good holiday.


  4. Ante todo MUCHAS GRACIAS pues he visitado muchas veces tu sitio y me he aprovechado de tus escenarios que han permitido inspirarnos mas de un juego. Quisiera saber si el Regimiento de Erfurt vestía uniforme francés y en caso contrario como era ¿existe algún sitio Web donde encontrar dicho uniforme y las banderas del regimiento? Saludos cordiales

  5. Podrás ver los escenarios napoleónicos que jugamos en 28mm en y si puedes responder a mis preguntas sobre el regimiento de Erfurt hazlo a
    Nuevamente muchas gracias y saludos desde la República Argentina