Sunday, 22 August 2010

Capitan games 1813-1814

Capitan Games is the name of a Spanish company, owned by Miguel Costa. Their philosophy is to provide the miniature wargamers with a 'Print and Play' line of wargaming products, although a printed version can be ordered via Paypal in their web-site
Amongst these, CAPITAN is a small tactics napoleonic ruleset, designed to play battles between small groups of troops, such as advance recconnaisance, convoy escort, guerrilla actions, raids on small towns, border or frontier posts, incursions into enemy territory, actions against advanced camps, and all those situations where specific tasks were assigned to a few troops of their units.

Now there are some news:
"We don’t have holidays, we are working in our new supplement for our Napoleonic Rules CAPITAN. New units and officers to play the Liberation Wars 1813, and the Campaing of France in 1814. Napoleon against all the Allies, units from Prussia, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Wutemburg, Bavarian, Hanseatic Legion, Freikorps, German Minor States, and the new French Guard Units, and the veterans. Don’t miss it, in about a month….. "

Visit the Capitan Games web site and try their system

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