Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The ford at Lossnig

A ford is addedIn the real battle all the watercourses were swollen so the Austrian were forced to attack the bridges at Connewitz and Dolitz. In the search for a crossing point, the Austrians also probed towards Lossnig, a small village located in the right bank, between Connewitz and Dolitz. However, and according to Nafziger, "the woods and swamps prevented their crossing at Lossnig".
I have replaced the Lossnig bridge by a ford, but its condition is unknown until Austrian troops arrive on it. Throw 1D6: on a roll of 5 or higher the ford is available and can be crossed

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  1. As usual I will be following your battle as it develops Rafa. I have to say that admire your depth of research into each project.