Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The battlefield of Connewitz

I have built (at last!) the battlefield for Connewitz, and the final terrain is very similar to the initial map.
You can see below a full panorama of the battlefield with Connewitz in the left foreground and Dölitz in the distance, with the small Lössnitz hamlet between the other two.

The full battlefieldBelow is a next view of the Manor House at Dölitz (no gatehouse available, sorry)

The Manor at DolitzI hope to finish the deployment in the next days.


  1. When you say "build" do you mean laying out all of the pieces? Lots of great terrain! Or did you also build some new terrain pieces for this battle? I'm not sure I've seen all of it before. Some of the buildings look new to me. Are they paper/cardstock?
    Very nice layout! I always find it fun and interesting to see other people's gaming spaces. Also, I may have asked before, but how big is your table?

  2. Hi
    Efectively, 'built' is a too pretentious word for a simple laying out (language problems!)
    The only new items are the walls of the 'manor': wood sticks covered with computer made 'stone-like' paper.
    The table is 2 x 1.6 sq. meters (6.5 x 5.2 sq feet)

  3. Hi Rafa,

    A very good job on the layout-I do like reading your battle reports. How do you adapt "Lasalle" to a solo wargame? I am interested in resuming solo gaming myself.



  4. Matt
    There is not nothing special in a "solo" adaptation. I randomize the important decisions, deployment, reinforcements, objectives... by assigning probabilities and throwing dice.

  5. Rafa,

    Thanks. It has been years since I played a solo game-I wondered if any new systems etc had been created over the years.

    Looking forward to your battle report!


  6. Matt
    Nobody has found still the 'Holy Grail' of solo wargaming. You are left to your own devices, as always...
    Best regards