Friday, 13 August 2010

Polish infantry at Dolitz

Polish infantry at the Dolitz ManorThe Dölitz area was occupied by units of the VIII (Polish) Corps under Poniatowski. However, there are not true Polish figures amongst my miniatures. In the case of cavalry, I am using French Cuirassiers and Chasseurs à Cheval, because their uniforms are almost identica when seen at wargaming distance, i.e. three feet!

Edited: The Polish Light cavalry unit was the Krakus, a sort of Polish uniformed cossacks. They wore a very disctictive melon-like headgear and were lance armed, so I'll rather use Ulahns

My 'Polish' infantry figures were made some years ago, when there were not such figures in the market (See the
Plastic Soldier Review site for the actual alternatives). At that time, they were made by transforming ESCI French infantry whose short-tail veste, after painting, is very similar to the polish kurtka.The above-knee gaiters weared (incorrectly) by these figures, can be elliminated with a cutter.
The traditional polish headgear, the czapska, was modeled by shortening the French shako with a cutting and glueing a 2 mm-square thin carboad at the top.
You can see my main
web site to see more old pictures of my transformed Polish.


  1. Hi Rafa - That's a very clever and effective conversion and they look great. I will be painting some Poles myself soon(!) but am finding it difficult to find the right uniform info - do you have info including the grenadiers in bearskins?


  2. Ian
    A good internet source is

    I have sent you a file with some pictures of Polish beraskins

    Best regards

  3. Hi rafa,

    That is a neat little conversion job.


  4. Nice little conversion Rafa, very effective.


  5. Indeed a very effective conversion.