Sunday, 31 October 2010

Capitan Games 1813-1814 is ready!

Capitan Games has released the new supplement for their napoleonic small units game CAPITAN.
New units and officers to play the Liberation Wars 1813, and the Campaing of France in 1814. Napoleon against all the Allies, units from Prussia, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Wutemburg, Bavarian, Hanover, British Freikorps, German Minor States, and the new French Guard Units, and the veterans of the Russian campaign. A total of 392 new units.

Click to download the Units


  1. Have you ever played the game Rafa. I am still working on my Hougoumont scenario ( should have a post very soon). With this scenario and La Haie Sainte, we have a very small forces (almost at the skrimish level) vs Division level forces. Would Capitan work a litlle better here than Lasalle.


  2. John
    No, I have don't played still Capitan,. I am searching for a semi-skirmish game to test it. Your two scenanrios seem to be very adequate for it!, becasue Capitan is a semi-skirmish game, between individual skirmish and battalion games.