Saturday, 6 November 2010

The next battle: Sellerhausen

October 18, 1813 at the Sellerhausen-Stunz-Paunsdorf area, near Leipzig. The Saxon army has defected to the Allies, leaving a dangerous gap in the French line.
The Durutte 32nd division (Reynier's VII Corps) deployed in the Sellerhausen-Stunz area and supported by the Delmas and Compans divisions (Ney's III Corps), is awating for the attack of the newly arrived Prussians of the Bulow's Corps (Bernadotte's Army of the North) arriving from the north-east, that have linked with the Austrian Bubna's 2nd Light Division and the Russian cavalry of Platov and Tschaplitz Russians of the Benigsen's Army of Poland arrived from the south-east.
However, Napoleon is at hand and the Old Guard infantry (Christhiani's brigade), the Guard cavalry (Grenadiers a Cheval and Empress Dragoons) and a brigade of Heavy Cavalry (Carabiniers and Cuirassiers) are massing for a counterattack addressed to the weak contact point of the two Allied armies.
This combat has a multinational Allied force: Prussians, Austrians, Russians... and British (Rocket Corps) sith some colorful units: Austrian Grenzers and Jagers, Russian cossacks, British rocketeers.. and the Saxon artillery just after joining the Allies. In the French side, there were the Old Guard infantry and cavalry and the Wurzburgers.
This batte, as always in these times, was suggested by my "Chief of Staff", my old good Argentinian friend Armand d'Arc.
The map is taken from Nafziger's book on Leizpig and I am now working on the OOB, using the Nafziger's and Smith's books, so watch this space!

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  1. That sounds like an excellent scenario if you can have all those troop types and the Imperial Guard as well! Looking forward to this one...