Saturday, 13 November 2010

Napoleon vs. Bernadotte

Napoleon I The combats in the Sellerhausen area were directly supervised by Bernadotte, Crown Prince of Sweden and C-i-C of the multinational Army of the North and Napoleon. Whereas this last always achieved with his presence, a great moral effect over his troops, the same thing can not be said from Bernadotte. His pretensions to preserve intact the Swedish contingent, were always a hindrance for the rest of the Allied forces.

Bernadotte, Crown prince of Sweden In order to simulate with Lasalle the different effects of both sovereigns, they were given the extreme combinations of the 'Officers Quality' (p. 20), the most high values for Napoleon and the most small ones for Bernadotte. Thus Napoleon has +1 in 'Vigor' and * in 'Tactics' and additionally the 'Superior commander' Advanced Ruke (enabling him always to chose the first in any combat) is of application. On the other hand Bernadotte is -1 and ¶ in 'Vigor' and 'Tactics' respectively.
Whereas Napoleon will arrive with the Guard Infantry. Bernadotte will enter the game table alone, with his escort, like a normal Reinforcement unit (p. 91).

Until the arrival of Bernadotte or Napoleon, the Allied and French C-i-C use, respectively, the statistics of Bulow and Ney. When the sovereigns arrive, the statistics are immediately changed. In the case of Ney, the presence of Napoleon improves him from (-/-) to (+1/*). On the contrary Bulow is worsened by Bernadotte, changing for (+1/*) to (-/-).
In summary, Napoleon and Bernadotte miniatures are a sort of markers showing the changes produced when his presence in the field supercede the orders of Ney and Bulow.

Now for the terrain!

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