Friday, 12 November 2010

Lasalle Order of Battle for Sellerhausen

This is the OOB for the combat/battle of Sellerhausen. Near this small village, the defection of the Saxon contingent of the Grande Armee took place, leaving a dangerous hole in the Napoleon's line. This area was also the point of contact between the Bernadotte's Army of the North and the Begninsen's Army of Poland, a perfect target for the French counter-attack, immediately devised by Napoleon and carried out by part of the infantry and cavalry of his Old Guard.
I have used the 'Liberation' lists for both sides to use forces whose number and composition were similar to the actual units fighting in October 1813. The statistics of the Subcommanders have been diced out according to the ruleset.

19 Battalions/5 Regiments/6 Batteries
Army Moral 56 Break point 19

C-i-C Napoleon (+1/*)
Army wing Ney (-1/-)

32nd Division Durutte (+1/*)
1st Brigade Devaux (+1/*)
1/35th Légère Reg Reliable/Experienced/SK2
3/131st Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/132nd Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2nd Brigade Jarry (+1/-)
4/36th Légère Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/133rd Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/Würzburg Line Reg Shaky/Amateur/SK1
Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannons/Medium/1 Hw

9th Division Delmas (-1/-)
1st Brigade Esteve (-/¶)
2nd Prov. Légère Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
1/136th Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/136th Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/136th Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2nd Brigade Maran (+1/-)
1/138th Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/138th Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
1/145th Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/145th Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
3/145th Line Reg Reliable/Amateur/SK1
2/9th Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannons/Medium/1 Hw
11/9th Foot Artillery Foot/3 cannons/Medium/1 Hw

Old Guard Infantry
Christiani (+1/-)
1/1st Grenadier à Pied Valiant/Experienced/SK2/Guard
2/1st Grenadier à Pied Valiant/Experienced/SK2/Guard
1/2nd Grenadier à Pied Valiant/Experienced/SK2/Guard
2/2nd Grenadier à Pied Valiant/Experienced/SK2/Guargd
2nd Old Guard Foot Bat Foot/3 cannons/Heavy/1 Hw

Old Guard Cavalry Letort (+1/*)
Empress Dragoons Valiant/Experienced/Guard/Shock +
Grenadiers à Cheval Valiant/Experienced/Guard/Shock +
1/Old Guard Horse Bat Horse/2 cannons/ Medium/ 1 How
2/Old Guard Horse Bat Horse/2 cannons/ Medium/ 1 How

Heavy cavalry Daugeranville (-/*)
1st Carabinier Reg Valiant/Experienced/Shock
2nd Carabinier Reg Valiant/Experienced/Shock
1st Cuirassier Reg Valiant/Experienced/Shock

20 Battalions/10 Regiments/6 Batteries
Army Moral 68 Break point 23
C-i-C Bernadotte (-/-)
Prussian 3rd Army Corps Bülow (+1/*)

3rd Brigade Hessen-Homberg (-/-)
Subcommander Sjonholm (+1/*)
2nd E. Prussian Grenadier Valiant/Experienced/SK2
2/3rd E. Prussian Inf Reliable/Experienced/SK2
Fus/3rd E. Prussian Inf Reliable/Experienced/SK2
1/4th Reserve Inf Reliable/Amateur/SK2
2/4th Reserve Inf Reliable/Amateur/SK2
3/4th Reserve Inf Reliable/Amateur/SK2
1/4th E. Prussian Landw Unreliable/Amateur/SK1
2/4th E. Prussian Landw Unreliable/Amateur/SK1
3/4th E. Prussian Landw Unreliable/Amateur/SK1
4/4th E. Prussian Landw Unreliable/Amateur/SK1
Leib Hussar Reg Valiant/Experienced/Pursuit
6pdr Foot Battery #5 Foot /3 cannons/Medium/1 Hw

6th Brigade Krafft (-/-)
Subcommander Zastrow (-/*)
1/Colberg Inf Reliable/Experienced/SK2
2/Colberg Inf Reliable/Experienced/SK2
Fus/Colberg Inf Reliable/Experienced/SK2
1/9th Reserve Inf Reliable/Amateur/SK2
2/9th Reserve Inf Reliable/Amateur/SK2
3/9th Reserve Inf Reliable/Amateur/SK2
6pdr Foot Battery #16 Foot /3 cannons/Medium/1 Hw

2nd Austrian Light Division
Bubna (-/-)
1st Brigade Rheinau (+1/¶)
1/Peterswardeiner Grenz Reliable/Amateur/SK1 +
Jäger #6 Reliable/Experienced/SK2
Liechtenstein Hussar Reg Valiant/Experienced/Pursuit +
6pdr Cavalry Battery Horse /2 cannons/Medium/1 Hw
2nd Brigade Wieland (+1/¶)
3/Rainer Inf Reliable/Experienced/SK1 +
4/Würzburg Inf Shaky/Amateur/SK1 +
Kaiser Hussar Reg Valiant/Experienced/Pursuit +
6pdr Cavalry Brigade Horse /2 cannons/Medium/1 Hw
British Rocket Battery 3 launchers
1st Saxon Horse Battery Horse/2 cannons/Medium/1 Hw

Russian Cavalry Division Tschaplitz (-1/)
Comb. Dragoon Reg Reliable/Experienced/Pursuit
1st Conv. Chasseur à Cheval Reliable/Experienced/Pursuit
2nd Conv. Uhlan Reg Reliable/Experienced/Pursuit/Lance
Horse Battery #2 Horse/3 cannons/Medium/2 Hw

Cossacks Platov (-/*)
Tcharnusubov #5 Cossacks Shaky/Irregular/Pursuit
Black Sea Cossacks Shaky/Irregular/Pursuit
Sluysarev Cossacks Shaky/Irregular/Pursuit
Schaltanovka Don Cossacks Shaky/Irregular/Pursuit

There some questions to be thinked about in the next days: the inclusion (or not) of French and Allied brigade commanders and the role played by Napoleon and Bernadotte.

The Subcommanders marked in red are optional. In the case of Austrian or French divisions they will make a more historical command chain. For the Prussian army, as it occurred in the reality, these officers allow the Brigade commander to use a subordinate commander for a specific battle line or an ad-hoc task force, as it occurred in the reality.


  1. This was a very good way to lay out your OOB. I like how you total the forces require in the heading. I am a little confused though about the command structure. What is the relationship between Bernadotte and Bulow, I see Bernadotte is the CinC, is Bulow in between the CinC and the BdeGen(subcommanders)?


  2. John
    These are the next problems to be resolved. Bulow was under Bernadote in the chain of command, and I am searching a way to model his role in the battle.

  3. I admire the realistic way that your OOB is organised. Should be an interesting battle to follow, lots of troop types in there of different capabilities.


  4. John
    I have filled the subcommanders places in both armies. They will provide additional officers to make more easy the task of the C-i-C.
    Ney and Bulow are the initial C-i-C. However, they will be superseded by Napoleon or Bernadotte respectively, if these are in the field.
    Napoleon will arrive with his Old Guard Infantry. I don't know when Bernadotte will arrive.

    Thanks for your kind words, but these are almost historical forces so the merit is not mine. Really it will be a colorfoul battle!


  5. so when Berandotte arrives, Bulow will have no function, or will he end up as another subcommander

  6. A good point.... The Napoleon and Bernadotte miniatures are decorative and their only function is to change the characteristics of C-i-C.
    Therefore, when Napoleon or Benadotte arrive, the statistics of the C-i-C will change.
    P.S. See the next post