Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Optional rules for Sellerhausen

I play solo, so I can design some ad-hoc rules specific to the Scenario. In the case of Sellerhausen, these rules will be (until now):

Entry point of the reinforcements
Each of the three French reinforcement units may enter at D2/D3/D4 (40%/40%/20%)
Austrians may enter at A3/A4/A5 (20%/60%/20%)
Each of the two Russians reinforcement units may enter at A4/A5/B5 (10%/60%/30%)

Irregular units (Cossacks) (optional)
1) Irregular cavalry units may charge enemy units standing in 'march column' formation.
2) Irregular cavalry units must to pass a 'Discipline' test to initiate the charge.
3) If routed in 'decisive combat' the irregular cavalry unit is immediately broken.

Sub-commanders (optional)
Some sub-commanders, marked with an asterisk, are added to take into account the actual command chain in the French/Austrian divisions and Prussian brigades. In the case of Prussian brigades, the sub-commander can be discretionally used by the Brigade commander to command a battle line or a task force as actually it occurred.

L’Empereur (or the Crown Prince) is here! (optional)
Napoleon will arrive with the Guard Infantry while Bernadotte will enter the game table alone, with his escort, like a normal Reinforcement unit (p. 91) at A1.
Until the arrival of Bernadotte or Napoleon, the Allied and French C-i-C use, respectively, the statistics of Bulow and Ney. When the sovereigns arrive, the statistics are immediately changed. In the case of Ney, the presence of Napoleon improves him from (-/-) to (+1/*). On the contrary Bulow is worsened by Bernadotte, changing for (+1/*) to (-/-)

Lasalle Advanced/Optional rules in use in this Scenario

Superior Commander (p 75). In use for Napoleon
Unpredictable (p. 76). In use for Prussian Landwehr infantry
Howitzer and Rocket batteries (p.81). In use for British Rocket Corps (See picture above)

Sellerhausen, Stunz and Molkau
are targets for both French and Allied forces. These villages must be occupied (or enemy free at least) at the end of the game. The loss of Paunsdorff or Reudnitz implies the end of game and the automatic loss of this for Allied or French respectively.

In this way Sellerhausen will be somewhat different to a brute force frontal combat, and both sides will have a chance to win!


  1. How are rockets dealt with in Lasalle? Is there a special dice roll to see if they behave erratically? I'm looking forward to seeing this battle!

  2. Rosbif
    This is the Lasalle rule for rockets:
    "A Congreve rocket unit has three unlimbered bases (and its own
    unique limber.)
    Rockets have no canister nor “short range” bracket. Their fire zone has only a single bracket 16BW in length. The battery
    rolls three dice, and hits infantry or artillery on rolls of 5+ and cavalry on rolls of 4+. (The one thing the rockets could reliably do was terrify horses).
    Their hits can be combined with other fire upon the same target.
    Rocket fire is never modified - not in the number of dice they
    may roll, nor in their To-Hit numbers."