Sunday, 14 November 2010

The terrain for Sellerhausen

The town of Leipzig has grown with the years and some of the nearest villages have been incorporated into the city itself. However, many old places can be still easily located in a modern map or in Google Earth.
To draw the terrain for this combat, I have used two main sources. The first, 'Leipzig - Situation at 1630 Hours: October 18, 1813' is accessible at
Napoleon-Series, and shows the military situation at that date and hour. The map is very schematic and mainly good for showing the disposition of the different troops on the terrain.

The other source is the Leipzig Karte of 1891. I have found it at Academic dictionaries and encyclopedias by using a Google Search of images for Sellerhausen. The Karte is downloadable in many different pieces (until 8!), that were then collated into a new map with a graphics program. The final map has many blanks left and shows the railroad network, the roads, the streams and the villages.

From all this information I drawn at last the terrain map for Sellerhausen with Powerpoint, by following the same technique used for Connewitz (and forn the rest of my battlemaps). The map is rotated at will and the terrain scale changed until the villages, Sellerhausen, Stunz and Molkau were located in the middle of the table. The final result is:
The more significant features of the actual battle, villages and the stream, are present. However, the final shape would include some low hills and ondulating terrain: the fog of war in action!

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