Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Street fight at Sellerhausen

Stunz, the Sellerhausen twin village, has fallen into Prussian hands after the combined assault of the 2/3rd East Prussian and 1/4th Reserve Infantry Regiments of the Hessen-Homberg's 3rd Brigade. The batallion garrisoning the village, Durutte's 1/35th Légère Regiment, has been broken and scattered this battalion to the winds. The Prussians are ready to turn the French right flank.

Meanwhile, the 3/132me de Ligne, deployed in line in the French centre, has rejected the attack of the Fusiliers of the 3rd East Prussian Regiment, stopping the triumphant Prussian advance.

In addition, the French heavy cavalry (the famous Carabiniers) and Napoleon himself at the head of his Old Guard Cavalry and Infantry, have arrived to hold the French line.

The battle result is still in the air!


  1. Wow! Exciting stuff! I love it when battles swing back and forth like this.

  2. Cool! Love your aerial shots of the big battle going on. Regards, Dean