Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A trip to Beja (Portugal)

This last weekend, my wife and me traveled until Beja (Portugal) to see our daughter, that has made a research three-months stage in the Escola Superior Agrária de Beja.
Beja is a beautiful small town (ca. 21,000 hab), with a long history. It was named Pax Julia by Julius Caesar when he made peace with the Lusitanians in 48 BC. Located in the Alentejo region the town was dominated by Visigoths (6th century) and Muslims (713 AD) until the king Sancho II finally recaptured the town from the Moors in 1234. The town also suffered in the Spanish-Portuguese Wars of the 17th century, and was sacked by Junot in 1808.
The main feature is the castle, built in 13th century over the remains of a Roman castellum that had been fortified by the Moors. Its keep (Torre de Menagem) with its height of 40 m is the highest in Portugal.
Summarisig up, a very nice and friendly town.

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