Monday, 10 January 2011

The French onslaught

Spanish units are standing against the French cavalry in the left flank. The 21me Chasseurs a Cheval has been rejected by the sqaure of the Spanish Regimento del Príncipe (Prince's Regiment) . The sabres of the French soldiers have been useless against the solid bayonet lines.

On the plateau, the Spanish artillerymen have endured a fierce flank attack of the 27me Chasseurs a Cheval, that have been unable to break their resitence and have been forced to retiring in disorder.

In the Spanish right flank, near the Guadiana River, the 100me de Ligne has finished its detour and its battalions have turned to right deploying to attack the Spaniards onto the hill. The Regimiento Inmemorial del Rey is the French target while the Regiment de Sevilla is running to help their comrades.

The situation is almost mature for the main French attack.


  1. Those Spaniards are holding on well. I hope they continue to do Spain proud!

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  3. Wait and see.... too many French!