Sunday, 9 January 2011

Gévora is running!

The battle of Gévora is running in an almost historical way. The 27me Chasseurs a Cheval from the Briche's French Light Cavalry Brigade has attacked the Spanish left flank, breaking the 2/Tiradores de Castilla caught in column formation. The rest of the Spanish battalions in the left flank has changed to square formation, and the French cavalry is wandering around searching a sign of weakness to attack.

Meanwhile, the detached 100me de Ligne is walking around the Spanish right flank in an attempt to outflank the long Spanish line.

The bulk of the French infantry, the Philippon's Brigade, has deployed in the center waiting for the development of the situation in the flanks, whereas the artillery of both sides is firing at canister range with small success.

Watch this space


  1. Looks great, Rafa. The next time I play Napoleonics will likely be a solo game. Very inspiring. Regards, Dean

  2. Hi Rafa - its really nice to see some Spanish Napoleonic troops in action. Good stuff!


  3. Hi!

    New kid in town!

    Really fantastic game with beatiful figures.

    Not my period, but "Hut ab!"

    I realized that you are also another fan Zvezda figures.