Thursday, 13 January 2011

Gévora is running! (II)

The Spanish cavalry at last wakes up from its lethargy and the Regiment Imperiales de Toledo advances against the 10me d'Hussards, triggering a countercharge from the 21me de Chasseurs à Cheval. The combined French cavalry units are too much for the Spanish regiment that breaks!

The French reinforcements, the Bouvier des Eclats's Dragoon brigade (plus the 2me d'Hussards) arrive after its detour on the Spanish left flank. They have suffered some delays in route and the battle is almost decided in that sector.

The 100me de Ligne routs and breaks the most senior Spanish infantry regiment, Inmemorial del Rey (King's Immemorial Regiment) deployed in the extreme right of the Spanish line.

Meanwhile, Mortier has decided that the battle is ripe and has launched the bulk of his infantry, the Philippon's brigade, against sthe Spanish centre.

The time for decision is arrived!

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  1. Very animated account and great photos. Please carry on.