Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A gift from the Three Wise Men

In Spain, not only Santa Claus (Papá Noel) but also the Three Wise Men (los tres Reyes Magos) bring gifts to the good children (and adults). This year I have received a very interesting one: the Database of Military Units during the Peninsular War (Base de Datos sobre las Unidades Militares en la Guerra de la Independencia) from J.J. Sañudo, Colonel in the Spanish Army and one of the main Spanish experts on the Peninsular.
The database, actually a CD, was edited by the Spanish Ministry of Defense in 2007 and I bought it by internet in
Libros Reyes, a leading Spanish military bookstore. It contains data about units of Spanish, French and British armies inclding all nations participating in the conflict.


  1. Very interesting book, where did you buy?

    Un saludo

  2. Ya lo vi, que no leí entero el post.