Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Barrosa/Chiclana has started!

The first movements of the battle of Barrosa/Chiclana have followed the actual battle. Below there are two pictures showing the situation in the two flanks after turn No. 3.

In the British left, the Barnard Flankers have deployed in their 'un-orthodox' (in Lasalle terms) formation, while covering the deployment of the artillery and the rest of the Wheatley's brigade which has left the pinewood. The Leval's brigade is still in march column formation.

In the other flank, the Brown Flankers have started its advance towards the hill where the Ruffin's brigade has deployed. The Guards of the Dilkey's brigade are traversing the ravine, so they are still in march column formation. Meanwhile the attached Spanish and the German/Spanish cavaly is facing the outflanking French force.

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